Asphalt Grading Services

Professional Asphalt Grading

What do we mean when we say asphalt grading services? Asphalt Grading is the process in which the area of land that will be covered by asphalt is leveled before paving. The land is filled, cut, leveled, and pitched to ensure the water runs off properly and does not pool on the driveway.

Our Grading Process:

  1. Preparation: This step involves inspecting the area and marking all utility lines for gas,water, and telephone that pass through the area. We assess & measure the space to mark the highest and lowest points. It helps measure the slope of the area.
  2. Assess the level grade line: Decide how much filling and leveling is needed to even out the area.
  3. Fill: Finally we start filling the area.

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aerial parking lot after seal coating

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Asphalt Services

Pierce Paving & Sealing offers services for both your commercial and residential needs.


Asphalt paving can do wonders for any property by creating a solid, stable surface for a wide variety of purposes.

Seal Coating

Elements like sun and rain can heavily damage your asphalt, but sealcoating is a proactive way to protect your property.


Asphalt Patching helps fix broken areas of asphalt without the major expense of repaving the entire lot/drive. 


We are able to deliver and spread various types of materials: washed gravel, pea gravel, sand, topsoil, fill dirt, etc.

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