Seal Coating

Pierce Paving provides Seal Coating for all asphalt pavement surfaces.

Pierce Seal Coating

You might be wondering why does your paving project need seal coating? Well the reason is simple because motor oil, gasoline, and regular wear from vehicles passing over it can deteriorate your expensive investment. By protecting it with seal coating you are increasing the longevity of your project and avoiding any unnecessary cost that might come up in a couple of years if you didn’t protect your paved project.

    The reason the asphalt start to deteriorate is to the oxidization of the asphalt binder. Moisture then penetrates the asphalt causing further deterioration. The seal coating would replenish the binder and add a protective layer to help presever your paved project. Pierce Paving uses the highest quality asphalt emulsion as a sealant agent to protect your pavement project.

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